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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (November 2, 2010) © 2010 ABIPby Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (November 2, 2010) © 2010 ABIP
by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton
I originally wrote the article below in 1996, but it is an example of what is going on in America now—even more than in 1996.  What I mentioned in this article is so foreign to most American-born citizens that it is very difficult for them believe those of us who experienced it, full blown, in another country.
But now that the level of character assassination, intolerance of certain individual’s freedom of speech, political correctness ( under way in the U.S. has increased so significantly—and in a coordinated way that you may not notice.  The case in point that sent of a huge red flag for me:  the firing of Juan Williams by National “Progressive” Radio (NPR) (
All Progressive, Socialist, Communist and Fascist regimes, on their way to total control, declare what I call “war” against its own people and that’s what is taking place in America now.  As you will see below, it’s a necessary step in their process.
The derogatory and demeaning epithets used by the liberal media now - allied with the government - is pretty much the same as they have been using against Cuban American exiles for about 52 years.  We are “the enemies” because we stand so obviously for freedom and we understand first hand what is to live under a radical left wing, “progressive” regime.  (Don’t let the changes in nomenclature over the years confuse you—that is another of the tools they use.)
Now, the Americans, who stand for the same principles that we Cuban-Americans have been standing for so long, are suffering the same treatment by the dishonest and corrupt U.S. liberal media in coordination with liberal-controlled Washington.
You’d better wake up and learn and read below the Cuban-American’s history – which has been denied to you by the Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Communists who used the U.S. freedoms to infiltrate our media and learning centers.
Due to ignorance, history repeats itself and now, unfortunately, the U.S. is headed swiftly down the path of Castro’s Cuba.  Unless, you vote them out and take control of your own destiny before it’s too late.  I can hear your “It can’t happen here.” loud and clear.  It’s exactly what we Cubans said in 1959.  How stupid we were!
For about 52 years, Cuban Americans have been painfully aware of being derided and discriminated against by the U.S. liberal media.  Usually labels precede our exiled status attacking our credibility to neutralize us and to create hatred toward us.  Unfair labels like “Miami Mafia,” "right wing," "conservative," "vociferous," "zealots," "reactionaries," "upper class" (actually we come from all walks of life) "Batista supporters," etc.
As an artist I have suffered discrimination being a Cuban exile. When U.S. art critics or reporters find out where I am from, they immediately lose interest in my non-political art.  Gilberto Romero (a Cuban painter with 200 international art exhibits to his credit), after defecting and publicly criticizing Castro in 1994, found the same discrimination pattern against him and his art.
As a filmmaker, I find rejection from colleges, universities and the liberal U.S. media from my documentary COVERING CUBA (1995) through Covering Cuba 7 (2010).  From 66 PBS TV stations contacted, 62 did not reply and the other four rejected it (
Exiled Cuban intellectuals, writers and filmmakers encounter the same rejection.  Example: the late Oscar winning cinematographer Nestor Almendros and Orlando Jimenez Leal’s documentary IMPROPER CONDUCT met rejection from the liberal U.S. media in spite of successes abroad.  Also, Almendros and Jorge Ulla's NOBODY LISTENED received similar treatment.
After a long battle, in 1990 PBS lifted their censorship and broadcast a truncated edition of NOBODY LISTENED, although in tandem with Saul Landau’s pro-Castro THE UNCOMPROMISING REVOLUTION.  On July 7, 1996 in The Washington Post’s Bookworld, Saul Landau, recommending the 1993 made-in-Cuba-film STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE said " The film portrays more accurately the plight of Cuban gays than do the works of the late Almendros and Arenas filmed and written in exile."  Do Cubans automatically lose credibility once in exile?
In opposition, it is in exile where we have the freedom to tell the story without fear of repression.  First-hand victims in freedom have more credibility than those who must answer to an oppressor, just as the Jewish victims of a the Holocaust.
At The New York Film Festival two films critical of Castro’s Cuba were rejected: BITTER SUGAR by Cuban exiled Leon Ichazo and THIS IS CUBA by American Chris Hume (previously rejected by PBS).  A group of Cuban American filmmakers protested this pattern of intolerance and censorship.  Among them was Jorge Ulla, whose film NOBODY LISTENED was rejected by the festival in 1988 and Orland Jimenez Leal, whose documentary 8-A about General Arnaldo Ochoa’s execution was also rejected.
Richard Pena, the director of the festival claimed that the films were selected regardless of their content.  However, this is the same Richard Pena who in the 1980's wrote that IMPROPER CONDUCT "attacks the stability of the Cuban revolution."
This points to the root of the problem.  These fervent Marxist-Leninist and pro-Castro and Che sympathizers are so well entrenched in the education and information establishments that they censor all information that doesn’t conform to their beliefs.  In their fanatic blindness they seem oblivious to the worldwide dismal failure of communism.
These incurable fools are clenching still to Castro’s utopia as their last hope.  Often I wonder, how can an American feel admiration for a criminal Stalinist tyrant like Castro or a mass murderer like Che?
To make matters worse, in 1994 Bill Clinton nominated Alan Sagner to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting board.  Later, the CPB’s seven-member board of directors elected Sagner as Chairman of the Board.  Sagner’s past suggests that freedom of expression of Cuban Americans, hopes for democracy and human rights in Cuba and Americans right to know will all suffer.
According to an FBI report, Sagner, who went to Cuba in 1959 and 1960, placed an ad in The New York Times supporting Castro’s revolution.  The United Nations’ Cuban Mission largely financed this ad.
Sagner was a pro-Castro political activist and founding member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, which as a propaganda vehicle spread pro-Castro disinformation across the U.S. with chapters at 37 colleges and in 23 cities, including one in New Orleans formed by Lee Harvey Oswald.  There is information that the people hired to work with Sagner at CPB have a far left agenda.
My advice to the American public in general is not to donate a penny for the Communist Progressive Broadcast (CPB), the Progressive Broadcast System (PBS) or National “Progressive” Radio (NPR) and to demand all taxpayer funds be denied to that nest of rats.
The current situation in America 2010 is not only bad for the exiled Cuban American Community-- who lived under a totalitarian communist regime--and are still suffering the most vicious media coverage of any minority group in the U.S. for half a century, but for the American people who realized the mistake they made in the 2008 elections and cannot openly express their feelings in public without being accused of being “racists.”
For the hard working, prosperous, law-abiding Cuban Americans and Americans not dependent on welfare nor associated with the gangs or organized crime, riots or acts of terrorism, I wonder: what have we done to deserve being maligned?
I guess our sin has been “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."  And to exercise our right to free speech against the will of the very well entrenched die-hard clan inside our government now.  And for that the liberal U.S. media is also victimizing us.
Double jeopardy should apply. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Agustin Blazquez, Producer/Director of the documentary series COVERING CUBA, directed to the American people but prevented to reach them by the reactionary liberal establishment.
© 2010 ABIP
Agustin Blazquez, Producer/Director of the documentaries
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